We’re drawing VERY CLOSE to the launch of the Lady Death: Extinction Express #1 campaign on Kickstarter! In just a few hours, the campaign will go LIVE, so don’t miss out! Set your alarms for 7:00PM MST (Arizona) tonight!

We field a lot of questions when we run Kickstarter campaigns, so we’ve prepared a handy FAQ (frequently asked questions) for potential backers. This info will also appear on the Extinction Express #1 Kickstarter campaign page once the project goes live.


See something from the campaign that isn’t included with your selected reward tier? No problem! Just send us a message in Kickstarter and we’ll be happy to assist you with your add-on during the campaign through an over-pledge.

For example, LADY DEATH FIEND CLUB can be added to any existing tier that doesn’t normally include it for $60 additional (plus shipping, where applicable).

If you’re an international backer, we’ll work with you on your add-ons to get you the best possible shipping rate. Nick Napalm is a wizard with that sort of thing!


Q. I’m new to Lady Death. Where do I start?

Welcome! In the Coffin Comics Lady Death Universe, Chaos Rules #1 is the best place to start her epic adventure. Damnation Game #1 would be the second story to read, followed by Extinction Express #1. We’ll be offering Chaos Rules #1 and Damnation Game #1 as digital downloads in the Extinction Express #1 campaign, in case you need to catch up. If you would prefer physical copies, we have those on the campaign, too!


Q. Will there ever be a Chaos Rules #2 or Damnation Game #2?

No. Chronologically, the order goes: Chaos Rules #1Damnation Game #1 and finally, Extinction Express #1. Why? Because we like #1. 😉


Q. What about Lady Death from Avatar Press and Boundless Comics?

Lady Death stories were published by Avatar Press / Boundless Comics from 2004 to 2015. For all intents and purposes, these stories represent a dream state experienced by Lady Death between the events of her original Chaos! series (1994-2002) and the events of the debut Coffin Comics Lady Death title, Chaos Rules #1 (2015). As such, they are not considered canon. Coffin Comics is the new permanent home of Lady Death, under the careful supervision of creator Brian Pulido. Accept no imitations! For more details, please see this article we published last year here on Lady Death Universe.


Q. I miss Evil Ernie, Purgatori and Chastity! Will you be bringing them back?

Although Brian Pulido created these characters (among others), he hasn’t owned the rights to any of the characters from the original Chaos! Universe (outside of Lady Death) since 2002. Trust us, we miss them, too! But don’t worry – we have lots of great new things in store for the new Lady Death Universe and you guys are all a part of making that happen!


Q. Will there be any stretch goals?

Indeed! Once we reach our initial funding goal of $15,000, we will announce the first stretch goal shortly afterwards!


Q. May I get a personalization from Brian Pulido?

Yep! On the backer surveys distributed about two weeks after the campaign closes, there will be a comment field where you will be able to request it! NOTE: Due to capacity, Brian can personalize 1 reward item of your choice.


Q. I plan on sending my books to CGC for Signature Series grading. Can I get my reward items UNSIGNED?

Yes! When the campaign concludes, we will be sending surveys to all backers, where we will ask for signing preferences.


Q. I changed my mind and want to select a different reward. How do I do that?

Simply click the blue “Manage” button next to your pledge amount on this project page and you can change your pledge amount and reward selection there. NOTE: You must be logged into your Kickstarter account for this option to appear.


Q. Kickstarter will only let me select one reward. Can I add items to my existing pledge?

Yes! If there’s anything additional you’d like from the campaign that isn’t included with your reward selection, we’re happy to accommodate you through an over-pledge. Just send us a message in Kickstarter! See the “ADD-ONS” section near the top of this post for more details!


Q. The reward I wanted to pledge for is no longer available. Help!

Sorry about that! Many of our rewards are limited in nature. To keep things fair, they’re first come, first served. If this happens to you, we are happy to put you on a waiting list in case someone with the reward you’re after decides to cancel his or her pledge. Just message us and ask!


Q. I plan on pledging for the DIABOLICAL DUO BUNDLE reward. How will you get my picture?

Congratulations on being one of the lucky 20! We will contact all backers in this reward tier via email with further instructions shortly after the campaign ends on March 4, 2016.


Q. I pledged for the DIGITAL GRAPHIC NOVEL. How will it be delivered to me?

All digital rewards will be distributed to backers sometime in April; around the same time we begin fulfilling the physical rewards. We will notify all backers as we draw closer to the exact delivery date.


Q. I pledged for a reward tier that includes one or more copies of KILLERS #1 CHASE EDITION. Can you clue me in to which copy (copies) I’ll be receiving?

No, because that would be cheating! CHASE EDITION will be completely randomized by an unbiased 3rd party prior to distribution. Each copy will then be carefully shielded and sealed to prevent detection during order fulfillment. NOTE: Because of the nature of this edition, all copies will be delivered UNSIGNED. However, Brian would be more than happy to autograph your copy at a show, if you’d like!


Q. Can I get a copy KILLERS #1 CHASE EDITION separately?




No. These editions are incentive items that are exclusive to the EXTINCTION EXPRESS MEGA BALLER BUNDLE and DIABOLICAL DUO BUNDLE reward tiers.


Q. I pledged for a reward tier that includes LADY DEATH FIEND CLUB. Can I also get a membership for a family member or friend?

Absolutely! We can accommodate additional memberships for $60 each (plus shipping, where applicable). See the “ADD-ONS” section near the top of this post for more details!


Q. Is there an annual membership fee for LADY DEATH FIEND CLUB?

Nope! Once you’re a member, you’re a member for life! And you’ll have a METAL membership card to prove it! NOTE: Online benefits last one calendar year after rewards shipment.


Q. When will I be billed for my pledge?

When you place your pledge, Kickstarter will collect your credit card info. This info is kept securely on file, but you will not be charged until after the campaign ends on March 4, 2016. With this in mind, please plan accordingly. After the close of the campaign, there will be a 2-week administrative period where Kickstarter will finalize your pledge payment. Be aware that Kickstarter will drop your pledge if your payment cannot be resolved during this period. Kickstarter will send you email reminders with instructions to update your payment info if they run into any difficulty processing your payment.


Q. When will I receive my backer survey?

Backer surveys will be distributed about two weeks after the close of the campaign on March 4, 2016, via BackerKit. These surveys must be completed in order for us to ship your rewards to you in April, so please keep an eye on your email!


Q. How will my rewards be shipped and how will they be packaged?

All rewards will be shipped through USPS with tracking, both domestically and internationally. In terms of packaging, we go through great lengths to uphold the very best shipping and handling procedures in the industry. We use boxes, shipping tubes and cardboard pads all rated at 200-lb. bursting strength. Your items will be securely packaged so that they don’t shift during transit. Any of our past customers or backers will be able to tell you how much we care about these things!


Q. How much will I be charged for shipping?

Shipping is FREE to backers residing in the United States. If you’re an international backer, there will be a shipping fee added to your pledge amount, which will vary depending on the reward you select and where you live. These shipping rates only reflect the actual cost differences we incur between domestic and international rates. We do not profit from shipping and handling, and we never will! We ship via USPS, which offers the most competitive rates available for international shipments. (UPS and FedEx charge MUCH, MUCH more!)


Q. When will my rewards ship?

If all goes to plan, we will begin fulfilling rewards in April! Also note that we will be distributing surveys (via BackerKit) to all backers about two weeks after campaign completion on March 4, 2016. Most importantly, we use this survey to collect your shipping address, so it’s very important that you complete it in a timely manner for the fastest rewards delivery!


Q. Does Nick ever sleep?

Nick Napalm is a member of the undead, so no. Only Lady Death can kill him, but so far, she has no actual reason to do so. 😉

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