Created in 1991 by writer Brian Pulido, Lady Death was originally a teenaged girl named Hope who is deceived by demons and trades her mortality for eternal life in Hell. Upon her arrival she is enslaved. To ensure her survival she turns to the darkness within herself and begins a transformation into Lady Death. In the end, she fights back and leads a rebellion that topples the mighty Lord of Darkness himself.

Over the past decade, more than 15 million Lady Death comics have been sold worldwide in seven foreign languages. She has been illustrated by the top fantasy artists including Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Joe Jusko, Brom, Joseph Linsner, David Michael Beck and Steven Hughes among many others. Lady Death products and merchandise have been manufactured in over twenty-five successful licensed categories including a top-selling action figure line.

As a symbol of fierce independence, Lady Death is tattooed on thousands of bodies across the globe.

The first story arc of the new LADY DEATH from Boundless Comics series redefines the otherworldly heroine by having her transformed into a mortal thief named Illadra. Though initially an amnesiac, she slowly unravels the mystery of her true identity and embarks on a global hunt to reclaim her former glory. For the first time since her debut in 1991, this controversial story arc redefines the character for a new generation of readers, as scripted by both original creator Pulido and acclaimed writer Wolfer (Gravel, Night of the Living Dead).

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