Regarding Lady Death: Apocalypse

Avatar Press announced a Kickstarter for Lady Death: Apocalypse yesterday, their conclusion to their Lady Death storyline under their Boundless imprint.

This may appear to conflict with the news out of New York Comic Con that Brian Pulido is again the sole owner of Lady Death, but that is not the case.

With the fans’ best interest always in mind, Pulido allowed Avatar to conclude this final series, but does not have an active role in its production.

Pulido’s energies are focused on the all-new Lady Death universe set to blow your minds in 2015. News on Lady Death’s future under Pulido’s tutelage will be revealed at on Friday, December 12, 2014.

After the Avatar / Boundless Lady Death: Apocalypse series, all future Lady Death adventures will be published by Pulido’s own Coffin Comics label, while Avatar / Boundless will maintain its catalog of previously published tales.

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