00_DG_main2_softcoverIn preparation of tomorrow evening’s Lady Death: Damnation Game #1 Kickstarter launch, we figured we’d take a little bit of time to answer some of the questions we’re frequently asked and provide some helpful tips for pledging on the campaign.






First off, if you haven’t yet seen our listing of the rewards that will be available on tomorrow’s launch, please click here! Many of these rewards are limited in nature and if last February’s Chaos Rules #1 Campaign is any indication, they won’t last long!






MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, SET YOUR ALARMS! The campaign will launch Wednesday, August 5 at 7:00PM MST/Arizona (PDT), on the dot! Please be aware of this if you live in a different time zone (especially one that’s overseas). For example — in Melbourne, Australia, that would be 12:00 Noon on Thursday, August 6! A helpful time zone converter is available here for your reference.

ALSO…MAKE SURE THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE A KICKSTARTER ACCOUNT! Registering with Kickstarter is easy! You can even link it to your Facebook account to streamline the process, if you wish. Click here to sign up for a Kickstarter account!


If you’re local to Arizona and plan on attending the Official Launch Party at Jesse James Comics in Glendale, also be aware that Kickstarter is mobile device friendly (works fine in mobile web browsers!) and there’s even an official app for iPhone and iPad users. We will be set up with a couple of computers to assist attendees with placing their pledges, but we encourage everyone to rock their smartphones to avoid waiting in line!




Q. I’d like to add more items to my pledge. How do I do this?
Kickstarter only allows backers to choose one reward tier per campaign. However, remaining items from the campaign will be available for a limited time through BackerKit shortly after it concludes on September 4. If you over-pledge during the campaign, any remaining credit from your pledge will transfer there and can be used towards additional items!

Alternatively, to sign up for more than one reward, you can consider signing up for a second Kickstarter account using a different email address and choosing a second reward that way. You can use the same credit card info on both accounts. This is probably your best bet if you’re after multiple limited reward tiers. A few of you did this last February for Chaos Rules and well, it works. 😉

Q. I’d like to get my books graded by CGC. Can I get them UNSIGNED?
Yes! This is one of the questions we’ll be asking of all backers in the survey that will be distributed after the campaign concludes.

Q. I changed my mind and want to select a different reward tier. How do I do that?
Simply click the blue “Manage” button next to your pledge amount on the project page and you can change your pledge amount and reward tier there.

Q. How will my rewards be shipped and how will they be packaged?
All rewards will be shipped via USPS with tracking, both domestically and internationally. In terms of packaging, we go through great lengths to uphold the very best packaging procedures in the industry. We use boxes, shipping tubes and cardboard pads all rated at 200-lb. bursting strength. Your items will be securely packaged so that they don’t shift during transit.

Q. How much will I be charged for shipping?
Rewards to backers residing in the United States ship for FREE. For international backers, there will be a small shipping fee that will be added to the reward amount, which will vary depending on the reward selected and where in the world it’s going. These shipping rates only reflect the actual cost differences we incur between domestic and international rates.

Q. When will I be billed for my pledge?
When you place your pledge, Kickstarter will collect your credit card info. This info is kept securely on file, but you will not be charged until after the campaign ends on September 4. With this in mind, please plan accordingly. After the close of the campaign, there will be a 1-week administrative period where Kickstarter will finalize your pledge payment. Be aware that your pledge will be dropped by Kickstarter if your payment cannot be resolved during that period. Kickstarter will send you email reminders throughout that week if they run into any difficulty processing your payment.

Q. Will we get to see Lady Death nude in Damnation Game #1?
A gentleman never tells!

Q. Will there be stretch goals?
Yes! We will announce our first stretch goal incentive once the campaign meets its initial funding goal.

Q. How will Army of Death Edition be handled?
Once the campaign concludes, the (9) backers that selected the Army of Death Edition tier level will be contacted via email with further instructions.

Q. When will my rewards ship?
If all goes to plan, we will begin fulfilling rewards in October! Also note that we will be distributing surveys (via BackerKit) to all backers in about one week following campaign completion. Among other things, we use this survey to collect your shipping address, so it’s very important that you complete it in a timely manner for the fastest rewards delivery!

Q. When can I expect to receive my PDF copy of Damnation Game #1?
The Damnation Game #1 PDF will be digitally distributed in October through BackerKit, along with the physical rewards.



We’d like to extend a HUGE THANKS again to all the FIENDS who supported us last February for Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1! Chaos Rules wouldn’t have been possible without your generous support! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!



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