BLACK FRIDAY is coming up, but we have a KILLER treat for everyone beforehand:


We’ve added 13 new original color art pieces by Jason Jensen and Brett Smith to Coffin Comics Shop and these are available starting NOW!




What exactly do we mean by Original Hand-Colored Art? Back before the widespread use of computers, colorists would often hand-color covers and pages. Their completed pieces would then serve as the original scans for publication.

These fine specimens represent an important PIECE OF HISTORY from the heyday of Chaos! Comics in 1990s. Any of these pieces would be a great addition to any devoted fiend’s collection because they are truly one of a kind. And now, they’re available to the general public. Snag one while you can – as with previously listed original color art pieces, many of these won’t last!





PLEASE NOTE: These are original color art pieces. They are not the original pencilled and inked art. In fact, colorists rarely color over original pencils.



IMPORTANT: Coffin Comics Shop is becoming Lady Death Store soon, on Thursday, November 20! Click here for more info!


– Nick Napalm

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