In death, she LIVES!

WOW! The new La Muerta Kickstarter, La Muerta: Ascension launches in just 2 weeks!

La Muerta writer Mike MacLean says that series illustrator Joel Gomez “has perfectly crafted a hard-boiled, film noir landscape and infused it with the spirit of Dias de los Muertos. I’ve never encountered anything quite like it in all my years reading comics.”


So, let’s dig deeper with La Muerta series illustrator Joel Gomez!

A happy La Muerta fan with La Muerta series illustrator Joel Gomez at Tokyo Comic Con!

Coffin Comics: What does La Muerta mean to you?

Joel Gomez: La Muerta is a combination of all these things I really get excited about drawing – A kick ass character hellbent on revenge in a crime-noir supernatural setting, with a mexican flair to it! “Mexi-noir”, as Brian likes to refer to it.

La Muerta means Brian, Mike and myself jamming together, taking you to another world 44 pages at a time, and giving you the kind of story you can only find at Coffin Comics.

CC: What are your trying to bring to this new chapter of La Muerta story?

JG: We’re starting to pull the curtain back a bit more on the world of La Muerta, expanding the playing field so to speak. Our ‘Barrio-Batman’, Loco is back-but we also introduce you to a few other interesting/scary players that round out our cast in our new story arc La Muerta Ascension.

CC: What do you think Coffin Comics fans should know concerning the
creation process of La Muerta?

JG: Working with Brian and Mike and Ceci (colorist) as long as I have on La Muerta, gives me the opportunity to try exciting/different things in a page composition, or discuss ways to set up story pacing, or a specific color palette-in a way I’ve never really had the opportunity to on any other project I’ve ever worked on. I feel that kind of teamwork and focus can be rare but is also essential for creating a quality comic book.

CC: What inspires you when you draw La Muerta? 

JG: Being able to be a part of the creative process, pulling from my memories as a 20 year old dude living in L.A. in the 90’s, drawing from all of my many film inspirations like The Third Man, Heat, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, & Seven just to name a few. Reading anything from crime fiction writer Don Winslow – Power of The Dog, The Cartel, The Border & The Force.

All of these things become the ingredients I combine to help Brian & Mike bring La Muerta to life!

Make sure to join us for the La Muerta: Ascension Kickstarter Wednesday May 15 at 7:00PM MDT/PST (10:00PM EDT)!

Stay tuned for more info to come! SWORN!


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