Thanks again for backing Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony on Kickstarter!

We are distributing our first 5% of backer surveys on Monday, September 24 and the remaining 95% of backer surveys will be distributed on Tuesday, September 25.

Because of a lot of you are first-time backers on Kickstarter, we have prepared some helpful information on how to navigate and respond to your backer survey.




Depending on what you pledged for, we will ask you either one or two simple questions that will help us better fulfill your rewards in November. Simply answer these multiple choice questions and you’ll be brought to the next step.

BRIAN PULIDO SIGNATURES: Brian Pulido will be happy to sign most comics, prints and trading cards offered on the Nightmare Symphony campaign free of charge. If you’re pledged for any of these items, we will ask you for your signing preference during this step. Please note that the following items from the Nightmare Symphony campaign cannot be offered SIGNED:


  • Lady Death: Extinction Express #1 – Chase Edition
  • Lady Death: Nightmare Symphony Mystery Envelopes
  • Stretch Goal Incentive Items (including the Lady Death: Sworn #1 incentive book)

We apologize but due to capacity, we can no longer offer personalizations from Brian on reward items.



Next, you will be brought to the Add-Ons section of your backer survey. Here, you will have an opportunity to add additional goodies to your order at your option. If you choose any add-ons during this step, we will ask you to provide a credit or debit card number to pay for the balance due at the end of of your survey.


IMPORTANT NOTE FOR OVER-PLEDGE ADD-ONS: If you over-pledged for add-ons during the Nightmare Symphony Kickstarter, we have already accounted for your add-ons and you do not need to order them again! Any over-pledge add-ons will appear under the “Pledge Level” heading on the upper-right of the screen in this section (see figure to the left).

The “Complimentary Credit” line will have a negative value entered that accounts for the dollar amount you over-pledged that got applied towards your over-pledge add-ons. This is normal!




You will be brought to this step if you have rewards on your order that need to be shipped. Simply fill out your address and phone number here and click the “Next” button.

NOTE: If your order only contains digital items, you will not see this step.




This is the final step! Here, you will confirm your order for fulfillment. The shipping address (if required) you entered will be listed here, so please make sure it’s accurate!

If your order has a balance due for add-ons purchased in BackerKit or for an owed amount from the Kickstarter, you will also be prompted to enter your card information in the “Payment” section.


Near the bottom of this page, you will see listing of your pledge rewards and any add-ons you purchased in BackerKit (see figure on the right). Make sure your items are accurately listed. If they are not, please message us on the Nightmare Symphony Kickstarter or contact us at for assistance!





If everything looks good to you, simply click the “Place My Order” button to confirm your backer survey!

We will be locking down survey responses on Friday, October 5 at 5:00PM Arizona Time.

If you needed to enter payment information to complete your order, please be advised that we will be billing cards during survey lockdown on Friday, October 5 at 5:00PM Arizona Time. Please plan accordingly!


Thanks again for supporting Nightmare Symphony on Kickstarter! We plan on fulfilling all rewards in November!

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