Greetings FIENDS,

This is a shipping update for the Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 Comic Market Editions.

If you live EAST of the Mississippi, all comic market editions of Lady Death: Chaos Rules #1 are now available at your local comics shop! Be sure to stop by your favorite shop today and pick up your own copy of the 48-page original graphic novel, starting at just $7.99 US!

For those of you who live WEST of Mississippi, Chaos Rules #1 will be hitting your shops very soon! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the in-store dates for all editions shipping to western US shops will be slightly delayed as follows:

  • Inferno Edition ($7.99 US) will be in your stores on April 27.
  • Standard Edition ($7.99 US), Premium Edition ($25.00 US), Naughty NSFW Edition ($40.00 US) and dealer incentive editions will be in your stores on May 4.


We sincerely apologize for this delay, but the good news is that there’s still a bit of extra time to order Chaos Rules #1 prior to shipment to west coast dealers over the next couple weeks!


If you have already ordered your Chaos Rules #1 Comic Market Editions at Lady Death Store, please disregard the above info because your books have already shipped!


We’d like to thank everyone again for their support in getting Chaos Rules #1 in stores across the globe!

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